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We have made it so easy to buy and sell your BTC at the best rates. You can also store your valued BTC in a 100% safe wallet, that is flexible enough for you to access at anytime!


Trade in your Giftcard with us, and get your cash in no time. Wherever you are, fast payment is guaranteed.

Perfect Money

We provide the perfect platform to exchange your assets easily from Perfect Money wallet users. No stress, no wahala, no regrets.

Frequently Asked questions

  • How Can I Reset My Password?
    • In case you forget your password, proceed to our website and login.
    • Right on the login page, you will see a "Forgot Password" link. Click on the link and you will be asked to Input your email address, click on “Submit” after you have provided your email address. You will be sent an email containing the reset password link.
    • Kindly check your spam folder if you don't find it in your inbox. Our support team is always available to assist.
  • How to Sell Giftcard On The Website?
    • Login to Cordial Exchange
    • Select Giftcard on the menu in the dashboard
    • Select the brand of giftcard you want to sell
    • Select the card currency
    • Select the card type
    • Enter amount and other order details you will like us to know
    • Click on upload giftcard to upload your cards
    • Submit
    • Thats all. Once your card is verified you will be credited automatically in your naira wallet
  • How To buy Bitcoin On the Website
    • Login/SignUp to cordial Exchange
    • Go to your btc wallet
    • Click on buy
    • Fill in the form the details of your transaction, and confirm it
    • Wait for the bitcoin to be deposited your your BTC Wallet
  • How To Sell Bitcoin On The Website
    • Transfer your BTC to your Cordial Exchange wallet
    • Login and go to your btc wallet
    • Click on sell
    • fill the form on the page, you will see the naira equivilent
    • Click on sell now
    • Once your transaction is confirmed, you will be automatically credited to your naira wallet

About Us

Who we are?

Cordial Exchange is a Nigerian company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We are the long awaited solution to making your transition and journey into the usage of digital assets comfortable. Our services include: Buying and selling of Bitcoin, Purchase of Giftcards, Refill and Dollar exchange from Perfect Money and Payoneer wallets. We provide zero stress, zero complexities and zero delay as we help you navigate to the future of finance.

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Why Choose Cordial Exchange

Price friendly Exchange rates

Our exchange rates are the best you can find anywhere in Africa. With our Cordial Exchange, you can kiss low rates and excessive charges goodbye

Instant Service

Wherever you are, Whatever you want to do, we get it done for you in a heartbeat. No time to waste time.

Easy to use, safe and Reliable platform

We have built trust and patronage with over 5000 users, and we would continue to build trust by showing you how easy, safe and reliable trading with us can be.

Optimum Customer Service

With our 24/7 customer service, we are at your service all day, everyday.

We are ready to fly with you.

You trade easily
With a brand so cordially
And you are paid instantly.

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