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When you load your gift cards on Cordial Exchange , you get the most value for your money . The fact is, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed and this pushes us to provide a helping hand to those who believe the same way, ensuring everyone one can come into profit.

The gift card rates are displayed on our website and are automatically updated to ensure accuracy with the market and in favour of our users. Asides profiting on a platform built with love, we desire that our users have exceptional experiences with us.


What We Offer

Trade Giftcards with Ease

Buy or sell giftcards at the best rates with our robust but easy-to-use platform. Enjoy the best rates, always.

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Invest in the fastest growing asset-class of the decade. Buy, hold or trade Bitcoin for Giftcards or cash.

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At Cordial Exchange, your investments are secured with the latest and greatest in blockchain technology.

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Our exchange rates are the best you can find anywhere in Africa. With our Cordial Exchange, you can kiss low rates and excessive charges goodbye.

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In order to maintain the confidence we've earned from our over 10,000 customers, we'd like to demonstrate to you how easy, secure, and reliable it is to join the team, trade, and be a part of something hooge.

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Wherever you are, Whatever you want to do, we get it done for you in a heartbeat. No time to waste time.

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With our 24/7 customer service, we are at your service all day, everyday.

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Get all the features of Cordial Exchange at the tips of your fingers with the mobile app. It has all of the full-fledged, robust functionality of the Cordial Exchange desktop site, with all the flexibility of the mobile experience. Download the app today from the android PlayStore or iOS App Store.

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Here’s How it Works.

Whether you’re using Cordial Exchange on the website or mobile app, we have put ease-of-use at the forefront of our design ideology.

Log on to your dashboard/Mobile App and you can immediately buy or sell giftcards or bitcoin with a variety of payment services built in.

We have designed our platform so that you can access any of our services within 5 clicks from start to finish.

Watch the video to learn how this works.






Daily Transactions




In case you forget your password, proceed to our website and login. Right on the login page, you will see a "Forgot Password" link. Click on the link and you will be asked to Input your email address, click on “Submit” after you have provided your email address. You will be sent an email containing the reset password link. Kindly check your spam folder if you don't find it in your inbox. Our support team is always available to assist.

Login to Cordial Exchange
Select Giftcard on the menu in the dashboard
Select the brand of giftcard you want to sell
Select the card currency
Select the card type
Enter amount and other order details you will like us to know
Click on upload giftcard to upload your cards
Thats all. Once your card is verified you will be credited automatically in your naira wallet

Login/SignUp to cordial Exchange
Go to your btc wallet
Click on buy
Fill in the form the details of your transaction, and confirm it
Wait for the bitcoin to be deposited your your BTC Wallet

Transfer your BTC to your Cordial Exchange wallet
Login and go to your btc wallet
Click on sell
fill the form on the page, you will see the naira equivilent
Click on sell now
Once your transaction is confirmed, you will be automatically credited to your naira wallet

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